Faculty Positions at Business School, Soochow University


Faculty Positions at Business School, Soochow University

The Business School at Soochow University (蘇州大學東吳商學院, www.bbyoun.com) is conducting a worldwide recruiting campaign to strengthen its academic faculty. Soochow University is a major comprehensive university in Jiangsu, China. The University is located in Suzhou, a historical city with one of the most vibrant economies in China.

We cordially invite applications in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Information Systems, Business Analytics, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Organization Behaviors. Candidates should have a doctorate degree in a related field. Preference is given to candidates with a solid empirical research background with strong skills in econometrics, experiment, data analytics, or data mining. Strong potential for publishing high-quality research is expected.

The rank of the position is open. Candidates with strong research and teaching records are welcome to apply for senior positions. Fluency in spoken and written English is required for all positions. We also have visiting and honorary positions available for well-established scholars.

The School offers a competitive salary, fringe benefits package, and outstanding research support. Start-up research fund, relocation package, and apartment/condo rental allowance will also be provided.

Applicants should submit (1) an application letter, (2) a curriculum vitae, and (3) names and contact details of three referees to Prof. Fujun Lai at [email protected]. Please indicate if you will attend 2019 DSI annual conference for the conference interview.  We reserved an interview table in the placement area.  Please note that you are required to register the conference; otherwise you can’t enter into the placement area.

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